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    Medical information system

Medical information system is the WEB solution that allows its use in the medical centers of all sizes, and does not require large economic costs as part of the technical equipment of the medical center.

The system allows you to make the automation of all departments of the medical center. Flexible system configuration and the ability to integrate with other information systems allow you to create a single information space institutions.

Multi-level security system gives you the flexibility to share access to different blocks of information in a database, providing maximum protection from unauthorized access and from physical destruction.

The system automates the following sections of the medical center:

Administrative activities

  • Registrature;
  • The receiving department;
  • Motion control of patients in hospital;
  • Formation the bed fund in hospital;
  • Personnel Management;
  • Schedule management and employment;
  • State Medical Statistics;
  • Electronic document management;
  • Informational portal.
Financial and economic activittes

  • Contracting Division (LCA, CHI, budget, paid services);
  • Planning and Economic Department (cost of services, bonuses, budgeting, planning);
  • Medical and economic expertise;
  • Financial and economic analysis.
Accounting for medicines and consumables:

  • Accounting for drugs, income and expenditure (pharmacy, warehouses);
  • Accounting for food, income and expenditure (food in hospitals, diet);
  • Accounting supplies, income and expenditure (dental, laboratory, etc.).
Medical activities

  • Archive of Medical Images (PACS);
  • Electronic health records;
  • Medical analytics.