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Driving directions

The formalization of work processes

In the development or optimizing for a customer electronic services and products are analyzed workflow organization.

At the initial stage of the implementation of e-services and project investigate the work of parts of the organization, compiled workflows of each division and the interaction between them; analyzes reporting within the organization and establish reporting documentation by the laws.

Based on this information, developed schemes and recommendations on the structure of the organization. With the help of UML (graphic description language for object modeling in software development) generated a class diagram, components, objects, use cases, communication and sequences of activities for two models: AS IT ("as is") and TO BE (SHOULD- bE, AS-TO-BE) ("as should be").

Model TO BE created on the basis AS IS, with the deficiencies in the existing business processes, as well as their improvement and optimization. This is achieved by eliminating identified on the basis of the analysis AS IS of bottlenecks.

In addition to the standard reports developed by the State Technical Commission of Russia, guidance documents, analysis of business processes of the organization, UML- diagrams of the two models and AS IT and TO BE, provided additional documents that may contain comparative tables, charts, diagrams.