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Portal of Patient 

Portal of Patient allows you to create a single space of exchange of information between the patient and the medical center, additional performers, experts.

The Portal of Patient is implemented a set of functions and settings that allow each user to customize the Portal for the realization of their demands and objectives, and make work easy and comfortable.

Portal of Patient allows users to implement:

  • Creating and maintaining an electronic consultation clinics with doctors, experts and consultants;
  • Transferring images for diagnostic research for experts and consultants;
  • Appointments for doctors and for researchs;
  • Ordering services in hospitals (with the possible prepayment);
  • Getting conclusions of doctors from electronic health cards;
  • Provide information from medical centers into the user's personal account.

Using the Portal of medical patients can not only improve the level of service in the clinics and the provision of information to customers, but also to organize the work of information services in their own clinics, registry and create an optimal flow of client visits.

Service Medikey

It allows users to order a variety of medical services in registered centers including choice of doctor, and date / time of the visit to the clinic.

All information about provided  services, cost and schedule their delivery is updated in real-time!

One of the distinct advantages of the service is the possibility to pay for the ordered services in a mode of on- line. This allows you to plan a visit to the clinic and to determine the amount of costs (payment on- line service cost is fixed and can no longer be changed).

In addition to ordering services, the service provides you with the opportunity to consult with doctors by your questions, conduct concillium and receive an opinion on your existing research!

If you can not determine the clinic and the needed services you need, please indicate your location and keywords for the required services and the system will offer you a convenient center or private doctor!

For your convenience, service Medikey working around the clock! You only need internet access to work with the service!